These are long time visiting members of Musikchan, who have committed notable acts or gained reputation.

  • mzrt - Founder and administrator of Musikchan. Bachelor of Science in Music Composition, avid learner of Mandarin Chinese. Reviewer for Musikchan Reviews. Frequent contributor to- and co-manager of The Musikians.
  • Insum - Administrator of Musikchan. Founder & manager of- and frequent contributor to The Musikians. Reviewer for Musikchan Reviews.
  • I, the Witchfinder - An ex-moderator who has a negative reputation on 4chan's /mu/, due to being blamed for the gorespammer's gore-spamming bots attacking doom metal threads. With him being a moderator on Musikchan, this resulted in negative association from /mu/ to Musikchan. Eventually Witchfinder became inactive and was removed from the moderation team.
  • Eire - Moderator and notable music enthusiast.
  • Firth - Long-time visitor. Contributor to The Musikians.
  • Hallmar - Long-time visitor and moderator. Contributor to The Musikians.
  • Manyara Impala - Long-time visitor and moderator. Contributor to The Musikians.
  • Milb0t - Long-time visitor and moderator.
  • Natte-Wasbeer - Contributor to The Musikians. Notable for his signature MIDI guitar and acid-synth loaded style of music.

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